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Organizing my Shimmer Mists

Since I have so many, I decided to organize my shimmer mists that I do have. 
I decided to make each bottle a label so I can quickly choose one that matches my project.

From white cardstock, I cut out one 1" circle and these heart punch outs. I sprayed each color I own on one circle and one heart. Using my PTOUCH label machine, I added a label on the back with the color name so I can remember.

I used my Xyron to adhere each circle to the corresponding bottles and have these colored hearts to start a inventory list inside my pink smash book.

I may even make duplicates and make a quick swatch (put them on a binder ring) for portable reference.

 All the colors below are either Perfect Pearls Mists or My Homemade Mist with Folkart Acrylic paint and water. Some are just water with alcohol ink and Perfect pearls pigment.

Enjoy & Please comment! :)